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Wouldn’t it be amazing to relax in your very own, unique treehouse, and be at one with the surrounding environment, while the wind dances on the branches and leaves around you?

Your ideal treehouse might be small and simple or large and luxurious – whatever the design, Vivaret will build it with the highest professional expertise, according to your unique requirements. Your treehouse can also be kitted out with running water and electricity, if you wish, allowing you to use your hideaway for all kinds of adventures.

Instead of a customised treehouse, you can also choose one from Vivaret’s collection of beautiful prefab models.

Please contact us and we can start the process of designing a unique treehouse just for you. You will receive a preliminary plan based on your wishes, along with a price estimate, after which we can refine the plans together and get the project rolling. Let’s make your treehouse dreams a reality!

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