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Vivaret has extensive experience in the restoration of old (particularly French) churches and buildings. We are very respectful of traditional building methods and working practices, and always strive to restore the building as close to its original form as possible. Vivaret is an expert in building and restoration work, and every project we take on is carried out with precision from start to finish. If you value quality, safety and flexibility, we are here to assist you.


Vivaret can turn any of your building ideas or dreams into reality, from wooden structures and buildings of any size to purpose-built furniture or fixtures. In all our designs we strive to create something that is unique and full of character, never compromising on quality or safety. Whether you would like a barbeque hut, garden shed, dining shelter or a sauna in your garden, you can trust Vivaret to design and build it according to your specific requirements.


Vivaret provides design and consultation services in the fields of construction, renovation and restoration. We specialise in traditional wooden structures, log houses and CLT projects.
The design process is carried out with a BIM-compatible CadWork software that enables us to work together with the project architects and engineers in an easy, flexible manner. We are also able to carry out the necessary calculations for different types of wooden buildings to ensure that the design complies with the Eurocode 5 standard (European standards for the design of timber structures) to guarantee optimal safety.


The carpentry services of Vivaret include bespoke indoor or outdoor furniture, staircases, sauna interiors and adding finishing touches to buildings of any kind. Whatever project you have in mind, you can trust Vivaret to design and build it according to your specific requirements, while never compromising on quality or safety. Our products are handcrafted with premium quality solid wood, such as Finnish birch and pine.


A handcrafted wooden staircase is a beautiful addition to any house, adding charm and value to the property. Staircases designed by Vivaret are ecological, aesthetically pleasing and tailor-made according to your specific requirements. We are experts in creating beautiful staircases, and every project we take on is carried out with precision from start to finish. If you value quality, safety and flexibility, Vivaret is here to assist you.


We are experts in providing prefab wall and ceiling elements for design projects of any size, from log houses to CLT buildings.


Timber Framing is a 2000-year-old building method where the frame, ceiling and walls of a structure are built using hand-carved solid wood posts and beams that are held together by traditional wooden joints. When it comes to building materials, locally sourced timber is always our preferred choice, and solid Finnish pine or larch wood is commonly used in our constructions.

The Timber Frame method is widely used in Central Europe, North America and Japan, and Timber Frame buildings that have withstood the test of time and remained intact for centuries can be found across the globe. Timber Frame buildings and structures are both durable and beautiful, making it a popular construction method in many parts of the world. In France, for example, the Timber Framing tradition and method of building is alive and well, principally owing to the Compagnon Guild of professional carpenters.

The founder and CEO of Vivaret, Jonathan Carle, is an accomplished carpenter who has completed the traditional Compagnons des Devoirs carpentry education, including several apprenticeships with masters of the trade in various locations around the world. The prestigious Compagnons des Devoirs education method can be found on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

At the end of the construction, Timber Frame roof structures are left visible as fascinating and aesthetically pleasing interior design elements. Therefore, if the Timber Frame method is going to be used in a building project, it is advisable to factor it in right at the beginning of the design process. However, Timber Framing can also be utilised to renovate an existing roof – please contact us to discuss your project, however big or small.

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