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Ceiling structures as an interior design element inside a cottage 
At Vivaret we design and build wooden cabins, treehouses and roofing structures using the traditional Timber Frame construction method. Timber Framing is a 2000-year-old building method where the frame, ceiling and walls of a structure are built using hand-carved solid wood posts and beams that are held together by traditional wooden joints. .

This method is widely used in Central Europe, North America and Japan, and Timber Frame buildings that have withstood the test of time and remained intact for centuries can be found across the globe. Timber Frame buildings and structures are both durable and beautiful, making it a popular construction method in many parts of the world. In France, for example, the Timber Framing tradition and method of building is alive and well, principally owing to the Compagnon Guild of professional carpenters.

The Compagnons des Devoirs craftsmen and artisans at a gathering in the city of Tours, FranceThe founder and CEO of Vivaret, Jonathan Carle, is an accomplished carpenter who has completed the traditional Compagnons du Tour de France carpentry education, including a number of apprenticeships with masters of the trade in various locations. Along the way Jonathan also acquired the skill of utilising the 'L'Art du Trait’ technique in his work. Both the Compagnons des Devoirs du Tour de France education method and the tradition of l’Art du Trait can be found on the UNESCO World Heritage List. During a professional training period that lasted for several years, Jonathan acquired an extensive set of skills in Timber Framing by working at various construction sites around France and across the world. Throughout the training, the long-established building tradition is passed from masters to apprentices.

What makes the Timber Frame method unique is the fact that no metallic angle irons or nail plates are used during construction, as the pieces are joined together by traditional wooden joints that are shaped by hand with precision and craftsmanship. Using locally sourced timber has many environmental advantages: most commonly Vivaret utilises either Finnish pine or larch wood in its constructions. Since the wooden parts are carefully prepared in advance with accurate measurements, the actual erecting process of the building is relatively quick and easy.

Timber Frame roof trusses handcrafted by VivaretVivaret can turn any of your building ideas or dreams into reality; from wooden structures and buildings of any size to purpose-built furniture or fixtures. In addition to building and construction, Vivaret also restores and renovates old buildings, and provides training and advice in the fields of carpentry and construction.

If you value traditions, true craftsmanship, beauty, reliability and high quality, Vivaret is your number one choice.

If you would like to learn more about the history and traditions of the Compagnons du Tour de France Guilds, please visit the  Musée du Compagnonnage website.